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Employment concept
Employment concept
Morality first, casting talents
Brand concept
Pursuit excellence
Innovation concept
Innovation driven, transformation and upgrading
Service philosophy
Always one step ahead
Learning philosophy
Apply what you have learned, know and do
5-year talent training plan

For fresh graduates, the group has formulated a targeted 5-year talent training plan. It is divided into four periods, namely the budding period, the growth period, the transformation period and the maturity period.

The Budding Period

Six months after entering the job, the graduates have just left the school to enter the company, the stage of transition from students to employees. At this stage, after the group's intensive training, on-site learning from each company, on-the-job practice and growth, the role change from student to employee is gradually realized.

The Growth Period

Two and a half years refers to the stage of continuous learning and continuous growth after the transition from a student to an employee after the embryonic period. At this stage, the company has a supporting development mechanism and skill improvement training system to promote the continuous growth of employees.

Dual-track career development channel; annual skill evaluation, based on the evaluation results to determine professional skill levels and corresponding salary levels. 

The Transformation Period

After 3 years of learning and promotion in the bud and growth period, graduates have gradually become the company's middle and grassroots managers or technical elites, and then continue to learn and grow into the company's middle and senior management or technical experts.

During the transformation period, the company organizes management skill improvement training for grassroots managers; for technical elites, the company organizes professional knowledge skill improvement training.

The Maturity Period

After the initial stage, growth stage, and transformation stage, the ability to become an employee who can stand alone.

The maturity period is not the end of a career, but the starting point of a new stage of the career. At the new starting point, it will experience growth, transformation, and maturity, and continue to circulate and grow step by step to reach the peak of the career.

The Budding Period
The Growth Period
The Transformation Period
The Maturity Period
Talent Echelon Construction

Talent development to a certain extent will often encounter bottlenecks in various aspects, so we have corresponding training plans for different levels, as long as you are willing to learn and work, the company must have their own platform.

Grassroots Training Program
Formulate a series of training plans for college graduates
Middle-level training plan
Provide relevant training courses for middle-level cadres
High-level training plan
Implement external learning plans for senior executives, such as president class, EMBA, etc.
online positions

In order to meet the demand of the market, we continue to develop new products with the support of strong scientific research strength, eliminate low value-added products, and enter the high-end market such as automobiles and home appliances.

We do not seek the biggest, but the strongest.

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