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R & D strength
The Group’s Technology Center is a national laboratory and a core technology platform for bearing research and development, application testing and technical services. At present, the group has R&D bases in Ningbo, Uzburg, Germany, Detroit, etc. It is the Ningbo Technological Innovation Team, the Ningbo Technological Innovation Team, and the implementation unit of the National Science and Technology Department's 863 project "Development and Application Demonstration of Harmonic Reducer Prec
R & D Center of Wurzburg, Germany
R & D Center of Group headquarter
R & D Center of Detroit, USA
Brand Cooperation

Relying on the leading advantages of brand, technology and perfect global service system, the company has established successively with world-renowned companies such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Ford, Bosch, Electrolux, ZF, Nexteer, Nidec Good long-term business relationship, and has been rated as "excellent supplier", "most potential supplier" and other honors for many times; "CW" registered trademark is well-known in the international bearing mid-to-high-end market, and has been rated as Zhejiang Famous Export Brand and Zhejiang Province Famous trademark, Zhejiang famous brand and China well-known trademark.

Award and Patent

The company has obtained a total of 231 authorized patents, including 23 authorized invention patents; participated in the formulation and revision of 26 national and industry standards, including drafting 1 national standard, 1 industry standard, 2 Zhejiang manufacturing group standards, and 1 Zhejiang manufacturing The group standard is being presided over the drafting process; in recent years, a total of 18 bearing-related academic papers have been published.

Award and Patent

The company has undertaken a number of national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects such as the 863 project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the 2016 Industrial Strong Foundation Project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ningbo Science and Technology Innovation 2025 Major Project, and the Ningbo Major Technological Reform Project. It has successively won the second prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award. , China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, Ningbo Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Third Prize, Ningbo Science and Technology Progress Third Prize and other scientific and technological awards. In 2017, it won the title of Ningbo City Manufacturing Individual Champion Demonstration Enterprise and Ningbo City Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise. In 2018, it won the honorary title of "Excellent Supplier of Automotive Special Bearings" by China Bearing Industry Association.

Enterprise core philosophy

In response to the high quality development direction of the national industrial transformation and upgrading, the company gradually eliminated the traditional bearing business with low technology content, and gradually shifted its business field to high-end automotive steering gear bearings and industrial robots

With high precision bearings, the product technology content of the enterprise is enhanced, the core competitiveness of the enterprise is enhanced, and the core guarantee for the industrial upgrading and sustainable and rapid development of the group is provided.

Cixing Group is one of the earliest forward-looking enterprises in China to enter high-end automobile bearings, high-end home appliances and power tool bearings, industrial robot bearings. It has developed into a leading enterprise capable of developing and producing high-end home appliances and power tool bearings,

High-end automotive bearings, industrial robot bearings manufacturers.

In recent years, under the premise of the country vigorously promoting independent innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading, Cixing Group has continuously innovated a number of core technologies through independent research and development and technology.

Through undertaking the national science and technology project, the key problems in the simulation analysis, optimization design, manufacturing and testing of flexible bearings have been solved.

The company has developed and built a complete set of flexible production equipment and testing platform for precision thin-walled ball bearings, which has broken the technical monopoly of foreign products in this field and become a leading enterprise in the domestic high-end precision bearing industry.

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